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Another day of Peace and Quiet?

Looking up, I see the clear blue sky, the ever so radiant sun, and lastly the fluffy clouds. This brought me a sense of bliss, after this sensation came the urge to take a nap. Should I even be taking a nap right now?
"Well, I deal with the consequences when I do get caught lazing around."
Then, I felt my nose tickle from the cool summer breeze.
"Ah~ I really can't get enough of this feeling. Whoever created this world, I must say you did one hell of a good job." as I say this. a bone crushing of pain travels across my stomach.
I slowly open one of my eye to see just who was assaulting me out of nowhere. It was none other than my younger sister, who just happens to be smiling like an idiot.
"Big Bro! Wake up!" her voice was loud enough to make my ears bleed. For the love of, why does everyone. I know tend to raise their voice so loud. My train of thoughts were brought to a halt when my sister started to violently slap me across my face.
"Big Bro! Wake up already! Mom wanted
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Destiny of The One Born to Die

Destiny of The One Born to Die
I was Once Nothing but an Insignificant Trash
A Insignificant Trash devoid of any Purpose in Life
Just Waiting for the End
The End that I deeply Desired was soon upon Me
Until I first laid my eyes on You
My Life Began to Illuminate itself, When You were near me
Only Then did my Life had a Purpose
Being around You, Supporting You, and Keeping You Safe
Was the only Purpose I had in this Life
Your Beauty wasn't the only feature that Enslaved me
But above all Your hidden yet, Cheerful Smile
That was what had Saved me from My Own Eternal Nightmare
But Fate wasn't so Understanding nor Thoughtful
Fate had Other Plans for You, and I
Fate had decided that my only Path is Annihilation
While, Your Path was to bring about Peace to this Forsaken World
I had only one simple Wish
I wanted to be with You to My Last Breath
But I knew You had to Leave me
Leave me to Go save what was Important to us All
Leave me to Live up to the Expectations around You
But the
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A Never ending Cycle of Life and Death

From the day we were born
We only knew how to love ourselves
And live through life as if it was nothing
But then Reality came into existance
Crushed Dreams and hopes
Only thing left were memories
Memories holding fragments of life
Each fragments with its own hope
Hope which didn't disappear
But even with that hope the sin of the world
Pride, Greed, Wrath, Lust, Gluttony, Sloth and Envy
Lurking around hopes, creating depravity in us
Our only place was a field tainted with death and sin
A field under the light of the crimson sky
A field filled with swords, representing every sin
In this kind of place death was the only way out
A painful life was one thing none of us yearned for
But it hunted us like Nightmares,or a Plague
We humans created this cycle
The cycle in which we will always be under the crimson sky
An Ouroboros
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Mature content
The Embodiment of My Life :icondracknath:DrackNath 2 1
Happy  Birthday Lileyx by DrackNath Happy Birthday Lileyx :icondracknath:DrackNath 1 2
The Chosen Journey of Ones Life

A Warriors path is friendly and happy journey
A Archers path is burdening but happy and friendly journey
A Magus path is long and full of hardship of a journey
A Nocturnal path is a sad, gloomy,and unfriendly journey
This is my gift to you
Death and Loneliness is just the beginning for the Nocturnal path
Life and Prosperity is just the beginning for the Warriors path
Fantasy and Fun is just the beginning for the Magus path
Work and Discipline is just the beginning for the Archers path
Which ever you choose its your life
But never choose the Nocturnal path
for I have already chosen it
Before you or me
And now Young one
Go and set foot on this journey you choose
For I will be among you but you will not know
And you will threat me like a friend
but its all a lie
What will become of me
The one who have chosen the
Nocturnal path of Loneliness
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Where do i belong?
Where do i belong?
Where is home?
Where does it exist?
I wondered while i got exhust
I thought about it while dying
I searched while my heart was nailed with sadness
At Dawn, I would cry
At Noon, I would search
At Night, I would feel betrayal
Why does it always happened with me?
Why do i have to be so different?
If wasn't different what could have happeend?
My master why do you say i betrayed you?
Only thing I wanted was love
Was my craving for Love so undeserving?
Once again I wonder with exhustion
Once again I cry with betrayal, sadness, and remorse
Tell me my master Where do i belong?
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Endless Waltz
The World I live in Called Earth
The Land which gave birth to happiness
Where as long a man-kind existed War would always return
I watched the skies and felt the air around me
Under the night skies I see Shining lights
I wished for peace and harmony
But I realized one thing
That we were at war
A War against Ourselves
I met and listened to the sound of destruction
I felt and curved the impression of death
I learned that peace can never be achieved
But I was wrong as I watched 5 teenagers
Fighting in a bloody war with no hope or dream
And Helping those who are in need of salvation
They gave the people hope
They gave people Dream
They showed us how to bring peace
We tried our best
We gave our all
Now can we really have peace?
They gave their lives to win this war for us
They loved our clear blue world with no hope
And showed us a reason to live
I will never forget as long as i live
The power and the freedom that they gave us
The Power to change our own destiny.
As the year went by slowly
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The Last Epsilonian : Prologue
The Last Epsilonian
Long ago there were two supreme races that ruled over the world called "Epsilon." The two races were The Draconians and The Humans. Draconians were fair, strong, magical, and immortal. Humans on the other hand were greedy, lustful, selfish, and willful. Below them were the animals and other living beings.
At first they all lived in harmony but as time passed the Humans grew jealous of the Draconians for their magical powers and immortality. They declared war against the Draconians. At first the Draconians tried to persuade the Humans from declaring war against them but the only thing that it did was feeding their jealousy and turning them insane. The Draconians had no choice but to accept the declaration of war. A one sided battle had raged on leaving the Humans powerless against the Draconians but then the Humans were given hope. Some of their scientists had discovered a substance which they named Achnonite. The Achnonite were very powerful
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Silent Terror Known as Death
Before time there once lived an unknown being deep in the depths of the Land. The Unknown Being was named Morte, Muerte, Shinda, simply Death by the living being around that time.
Death brought destruction to the land and it had to be stopped 10 brave living beings called Humans came together fought Death but many perished while being in combat with Death but at last they had no choice but to perform a ritual. A ritual which allows them to fill the world they live in with a substance called Mana. The ritual was a success and they were able to use new power which they called Magic. But for the rituals success there came consequence which would leave the world to decay little by little till its time comes.
With magic they finally defeated Death and brought peace to the lands but Death was not killed his power were so enormous they had to seal it somewhere, where nobody would be able to locate it they had built an underground prison forever sealing Death inside a Gem i
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Dedication to Won Sul Rang
There I see the man in white
Wrapped in White Bandages
Wearing a White Coat
He smell of Rotting flesh
He is covered in blood
Surrounded by a mountain of Corpses
In the darkest of the night
And in the lightest of the day
He walks alone with the scent of death
He swings his sword Saruhyondo
He cuts down any foes
For the sake of dying someday
Disowned by his parents
Cried for days for his dead brother
He makes fear his best friend
Brought back to life by a necromancer
Doing nothing but evil
Walking under the eyes of hell
Living a miserable life
Until the ends of times
Walking by himself with no life
Why did he live this way?
Why is his life so miserable?
Can someone finally bring him peace?
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What is Love?
I watched them
I listened to them
I couldn't understand
They smile, giggle, and Laugh
They cry, run, and regret
What are they doing?
If I just knew
If I just could feel it
What is this this feeling called love?
My comrades say love is pain
My friends say love is happiness
My heart says nothing
Where could this emotion be found?
Who made such Emotion?
Why cant I feel it?
Will I ever feel it?
Will I ever find this emotion called love?
What is love?
:icondracknath:DrackNath 1 1
Even if a Thousand Years pass
An hour went by
A Day Went by
But I still Remember you
A Month Went by
A Year Went by
But I still know it
A Century went by
A Millennium went by
But you are still there
Your Smiling face which taught me warmth
Your Kindness which gave me hope
I still remember it all
Without realizing it
Without feeling it
I wanted to see you and missed you
The Smile you showed me
That pierced my heart
That kindness which still lingering in me
I want to see you
I want to be with you
I still remember you my love
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My Realm
Where is my light?
Where is my darkness?
Is it in Heaven or Hell?
Does my realm really exist?
Does My life have a meaning?
Or is it just my imagination
A World where nobody understands
A World without any worries
My Realm where i can do everything
Where is it?
Where can it be found?
Is it in my heart or my mind?
Will I ever Find it?
Will I ever live long enough to find it?
Is my Realm near or not?
:icondracknath:DrackNath 2 5


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The Season 2 Finals struck me
I am not even close to being a Hunter who Assassinates anyone in any game
Now will practice only two roles

One Day i will do it >:)


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